Andersonville: A True Connecticut Hero

This Connecticut native’s courage and tenacity meant the families of all but 460 of the almost 13,000 men who died at Andersonville learned how their loved one had died and where he was buried.

Andersonville: A Sea of Graves

This short video about Andersonville National Cemetery is without narration. Don’t mess with your sound settings.

Andersonville: Staying Alive 101

Here’s a look at how one Andersonville prisoner kept himself alive by finding ways to obtain the basic necessities of life.

Andersonville: Loss of Life and Hope

“Five hundred men marched silently toward the gates that were to shut out life and hope from most of them forever.”  -John McElroy

Cold Harbor

The Battle of Cold Harbor was the most lop-sided defeat suffered by the Army of the Potomac. Decades later, Gen. U. S. Grant still regretted ordering the assault.

Stones River

Stones River was a pivotal battle less than three weeks after the Federal disaster at Fredericksburg and only a few days after Sherman’s failure at Chickasaw Bayou. A third defeat would be catastrophic to the Union cause.

The Battle of Fredericksburg

Arguably the lowest point for the Army of the Potomac, the Battle of Fredericksburg was lost before it began, due to poor decisions made by the top brass.