Cold Harbor

The Battle of Cold Harbor was the most lop-sided defeat suffered by the Army of the Potomac. Decades later, Gen. U. S. Grant still regretted ordering the assault.

A Season in the Wilderness

Beyond the struggle for survival in battle, the Wilderness forced Michael Palmer, the protagonist in my novel, An Eye for Glory, to face the dark reality of how the war was changing him.

A Trailer’s Tale

Book trailers are a popular marketing tool for promoting a new book. Here’s an inside look at the trailer for my novel An Eye for Glory.

Who’s In Command Today?

It’s hard to keep track on the many changes in the chain of command that the men of the 14th Connecticut endured during the first ten months of the regiment’s existence. I hope this video helps.

A Knock on the Head

The Battle of Chancellorsville was the high point of the war for the Confederacy and perhaps the low point for the Union. Defeat caused leadership changes in the Army of the Potomac, and growing frustration and even anger within the ranks.

The Battle of Fredericksburg

Arguably the lowest point for the Army of the Potomac, the Battle of Fredericksburg was lost before it began, due to poor decisions made by the top brass.